Buzzfeed + brita stream

Conceptualized, directed, and produced three stop-motion vertical videos for Snapchat Theme Day and Instagram Stories ad spots. 

Director & Creative Producer: Marjorie Lacombe

Designer: Daniel Blaushield 



"A Definitive Ranking Of The Weirdest Ways People Eat Ice Cream"

Produced and directed a crowd-sourcing article that recreated some of the weirdest ice cream concoctions enjoyed by BuzzFeed readers. 

Creative Lead: Marjorie Lacombe

Photographer: Lauren Zaser

Designer: Kirby Darland

French Fries.jpg

Buzzfeed + PERRIER:

"I Spent A Week Looking For Millennial Pink in L.A."

Produced and wrote a long-form article focused on the search for the trending color, Millennial Pink, across the city of Los Angeles. 

Creative Lead + Writer: Marjorie Lacombe

Photography: Aubree Lennon

Graphic Design: Kirby Darland