I Like Fall

Founder and Creative Director

Awards: Harvard Foundation Distinguished Senior Award; finalist for Harvard College Women's Leadership Award


the first, Harvard student-run resale shop that also championED diversity, body positivity, and a culture of sustainability.


Overview: I Like Fall (originally ML Sells) was a 2-year business project I started at Harvard in 2011. It was the first online re-sale shop for Harvard students and I led as Creative Director with a small team. We started in women's fashion and expanded into men's fashion the second year. I captured both photography and video content.

Direction: "I Like Fall" is named after the best season in Boston. You find colors everywhere during Autumn as leaves change into a myriad of colors from green to amber. Likewise, I wanted the direction of the ILF brand to embrace the natural, colorful varieties both inside and outside every person. In fashion, today's popular culture often only portrays a very narrow definition of beauty and, therefore, a standard. My goal was to expand that definition through a diverse representation of the Harvard community and to celebrate our differences. Positivity, playfulness, and colorful style were main driving themes behind the brand.


Web and LOGO Design

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